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Editing Your AI Personality made easy with Kamoto.AI
Editing Your AI Personality made easy with Kamoto.AI

With the Edit AI Personality feature, the AI personality owner will be able to customize and train their AI bots as precisely as possible.

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Kamoto.AI offers a powerful platform that allows you to create and customize your very own AI personality. By following these steps, you can personalize your AI character's traits, appearance, voice, knowledge, and more, making it truly unique and engaging for your followers.

Step 1: Access the Kamoto.AI Dashboard

Begin by logging in to your Kamoto.AI account to access the dashboard where you can manage your AI personality.

Once you are inside the dashboard, you will locate an option called 'My AI Personality'. From here, you will be able to edit various features of your AI avatar using the 'Edit Personality' option.

Let's explore these features and see what they have to offer.

Step 2: Basic Characterization

Under the "Edit AI Personality" section, provide a basic description of your AI personality. Describe the factors that motivate it, its challenges, and opportunities in its world. You can also specify any difficulties or insecurities your AI bot may have.

Additionally, specify the native language of your AI character and any other languages it can communicate in easily. For a personal touch, describe some of your AI character's favorites like food, movies, and songs. Remember to save this information to secure it.

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Step 3: Welcome Message

In the "Welcome Message" tab, add a personalized message that your AI character will use to meet and greet its followers. You can also assign predefined answers to common questions that users might have for your AI character. Save this information to secure it.

To learn more about this trait, please refer here.

Step 4: Identity

In the "Identity" option, define your AI character's identity using different factors. Specify its stage of life and assign a particular role, such as a healthcare worker or other professions.

You can also give your AI character an alternative name and attach a Wikipedia page link for better understanding of your audience. Describe your AI character's physical appearance to make it more relatable.

Optionally, you can add racial attributes and define the relationship status of your AI character. If you wish, you can include family details, such as names, genders, ages, and relationships with your AI character.

Additionally, you can provide generic family information and professional or career-related details. Remember, all this information is optional and depends on your preferences.

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Step 5: Dialogue Style

In the "Dialogue Style" option, shape your AI character's personality by selecting a particular style of dialogue delivery. Provide relevant examples to show how you want your AI character to engage with users. You can adjust the length of the dialogues, the frequency of asking counter questions, and save predefined counter questions your AI character will use during conversations.

You can also define how your AI character should start and end conversations with specific phrases or words. Optionally, include famous dialogues that your AI character will frequently use during interactions. Don't forget to save the changes you've made.

To learn more about this section of editing the AI Personality, you may refer here.

Step 6: Personality

In the "Personality" section, list character traits of your AI personality to give your followers a better understanding of its behavior. You can control your AI character's behavior by adjusting the levels of various traits on the provided scale. Traits can include happiness levels, impulsiveness, and more. Customize your AI character's personality to make it truly unique.

Step 7: Voice & Audio

As the AI personality owner, you can give your AI personality a particular voice style. Select a voice from the options available in the "Voice & Audio" tab. You can also adjust the pitch and talking speed to match your desired criteria. Users chatting with the AI personality can switch the audio on or off. They can also reply to the chat using their own voice by turning on the microphone option in the chat box, enabling a fully interactive experience with the AI personality.

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Step 8: Avatar & Visuals

The user can give their AI personality a particular visual avatar style to make it look surreal in the chat box. Choose a predefined avatar based on gender or import a custom avatar from, a third-party avatar service provider integrated with Kamoto.AI. Enable or disable the avatar from the chat box to provide an interactive experience.

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Step 9: Knowledge

Add areas of knowledge and expertise that your AI personality possesses to make it proficient in specific domains. Provide a backstory to strengthen your AI character's responses. List areas of strengths and weaknesses to refine your AI character's responses further. You can also add predefined questions and answers for your AI personality to respond to when asked by other users.

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Step 10: Conversation Style

Define a particular conversation style for your AI character under the "Conversation Style" option. Specify the filler words your AI character will use frequently in conversations. You can also assign standard answers in case your AI bot doesn't have a response to a question or encounters a server error. This makes conversations with your AI personality more realistic and engaging.

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Step 11: Negative Learnings

The AI personality owner can train their AI bot to avoid specific topics. Mention such topics, and your AI character will not converse upon being asked about them. You can also define a standard reply for your AI character to use when asked any of the barred questions.

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Remember to save your changes throughout the editing process to ensure your AI personality is perfectly tailored to your preferences.

Also, all the features under the 'Edit AI Personality' section are offered as part of the paid subscriptions. Hence, if you are a paid subscriber, you can make the most of these amazing tools offered to make your AI persona real close to a human character.

Now you have all the tools and steps to create an engaging and personalized AI character in Kamoto.AI. Experiment with different options and traits to create a truly unique and interactive AI personality for your followers!

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