Frequently asked questions about Kamoto.AI

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What is KamotoAI?helps you understand what is KamotoAI & how it can help you.
How can I monetize my AI personality with KamotoAI?This article helps you understand how you can monetize your AI personalities created in KamotoAI.
Can I integrate my AI personality into my own application?This article helps you understand the process of integrating your AI personality into your own application with KamotoAI
How does KamotoAI ensure the privacy and security of my data?This article explains how we handle the privacy & security of your data.
How does KamotoAI handle the voice and likeness rights of celebrities?This article helps you understand how we handle the voice & likeness rights of celebrities.
Can I make changes to my AI personality after it's created?This article helps you understand if you can make changes to your AI personalities or not
Is there a limit to how many AI personalities I can create on KamotoAI?This article helps you understand the limit of AI Personality creations on KamotoAI
How can I use the AI personalities in the gaming industry?This article helps you understand how you can use the AI personalities created on KamotoAI in Gaming Industry.
What kind of support does KamotoAI offer to its users?This article helps you understand the types of Support KamotoAI provides to it's users.
What is an AI Personality in KamotoAI?This article explains what is an AI Personality in KamotoAI
How can I create my own AI personality with Kamoto.AI?Creating Your Own AI Personality with Kamoto.AI: A Step-by-Step Guide
How can D2C brands benefit from creating AI personalities or companion bots using Kamoto.AI?This article will brands seek answers to why they should definitely have AI mascots for their offerings
How to activate subscriptions purchased from a third-party platformThis will help the users activate their Kamoto.AI plans if the purchase has been made on any third-party platforms.