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Marketplace Settings: Maximizing Your AI Personality's Potential in Kamoto.AI's AI Marketplace
Marketplace Settings: Maximizing Your AI Personality's Potential in Kamoto.AI's AI Marketplace

This article explains the Marketplace Settings in Kamoto.AI dashboard.

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Welcome to Kamoto.AI's AI Marketplace, where you can showcase and monetize your AI personality without the need for technical knowledge or upfront investments. In this help center article, we will guide you through the various settings available in the Marketplace section of your KamotoAI dashboard. These settings will allow you to optimize your AI personality's visibility, legal compliance, analytics tracking, and more.

AI Personality's Usage Terms Link

Specify the public URL of your AI personality's legal terms and conditions. Users will be required to accept these terms before accessing your AI personality via chat or APIs. This feature streamlines your legal and compliance requirements, providing a seamless experience for both you and the users.

Analytics Tracking Code

Track traffic and engagement metrics on your AI personality's public profile page. Choose between "GA4 Analytics" or "Google Tag Manager" and specify your Measurement ID or Tag ID. This enables you to gain valuable insights into user behavior and optimize your AI personality's performance.

Featured Image

Upload a captivating featured image that will be displayed when sharing your AI personality's public profile link on social media and other platforms. Ensure the image has dimensions of 1280x720px or follows a 16:9 aspect ratio for optimal visibility. Accepted formats include JPG or PNG.

Enable Blue Tick Verification

This exclusive feature, available to paid users, prominently displays a blue tick verification badge alongside your AI personality in the AI Marketplace. This badge enhances credibility and trust, increasing the visibility and reputation of your AI personality.


Optimize your AI personality's search visibility in the AI Marketplace by adding relevant keywords. These keywords enhance your AI personality's discoverability and increase the chances of attracting more traffic and engagement. Choose keywords that accurately represent the nature and purpose of your AI personality.


Further improve your AI personality's search visibility by adding relevant hashtags. Hashtags enhance discoverability and allow users to find your AI personality based on specific topics or interests. Choose hashtags that are popular and relevant to your AI personality's niche.


By leveraging the powerful features and settings available in KamotoAI's AI Marketplace, you can maximize the potential of your AI personality. Customize the usage terms, track analytics, showcase a captivating featured image, gain blue tick verification, optimize search visibility with keywords and hashtags, and attract a wider audience to engage with your AI personality. Take full advantage of these settings to enhance your AI personality's visibility, credibility, and monetization opportunities in KamotoAI's thriving AI Marketplace.

Note: Regularly review and update your Marketplace settings to ensure they align with your AI personality's goals and evolving requirements. This will help you stay ahead and make the most out of your AI personality's presence in the marketplace.

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