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Elevate AI Training with Private Data: Train Your AI Personality with Customized Files
Elevate AI Training with Private Data: Train Your AI Personality with Customized Files

This article explains the process of Training the AI Personality using Private Data Files.

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Welcome to Kamoto.AI, where we offer our highest plan holders the powerful "Train by Private Data" feature. With this advanced option, you can take AI training to the next level by uploading private files in various formats to train your AI Personality. In this article, we will guide you through the process of utilizing this feature and harnessing the potential of your proprietary data.

Accessing the "Train by Private Data" Option

To access the "Train by Private Data" feature, navigate to the "Train Your AI Personality" section in your Kamoto.AI dashboard. From there, select the "Train By Private Data" tab located at the top of the page. This will bring you to the interface where you can add and manage training files.

Uploading Private Files

Within the "Train By Private Data" tab, you can upload multiple files to create customized training resources for your AI Personality. In the upload box, either drag and drop the files from your local computer or click on the upload area to browse and select the desired files. Supported file formats include .txt, .pdf, .xls/.xlsx, .csv, and .html. Please ensure that the files are freely openable and accessible, as password-protected files will not be processed for training.

Subscription Plan Limitations

The number and size of private files you can upload may depend on your subscription plan. Please note that the "Train by Private Data" feature is not available to Free users, and they may need to upgrade their plan to access this advanced training capability.

Submitting Files for Training

Once you have added the desired private files, click the "Send Files for Training" button to submit them for training. This action sends the new or updated files to the Kamoto.AI server, where they will be used to train your AI Personality. The training time may vary depending on factors such as the number and size of the files submitted, as well as the complexity of the training.

Monitoring Training Status

To monitor the status of your submitted training files, navigate to the History tab located at the end of the list of tabs on the same page. Here, you can track the progress and status of each training session, ensuring transparency and visibility into the training process.


With the "Train by Private Data" feature in Kamoto.AI, you can leverage your proprietary, licensed, or domain-specific data to customize and refine your AI Personality's knowledge. Access this option in the "Train Your AI Personality" section, upload the desired files, and submit them for training. Monitor the training status in the History tab to stay informed about the progress of your training sessions. By harnessing the power of private data, you can create an AI Personality that reflects the unique expertise and insights of your business or industry. Unlock the full potential of your AI Personality with Kamoto.AI's "Train by Private Data" feature.

Note: Ensure that you comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and data privacy policies when using private data for training your AI Personality.

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