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Getting Started with Kamoto.AI: Simple Onboarding Process
Getting Started with Kamoto.AI: Simple Onboarding Process

This article explains the onboarding process on KamotoAI.

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Welcome to Kamoto.AI, the revolutionary platform that allows users to create, train, and monetize their own virtual AI personalities. This guide will walk you through the simple process of getting started with Kamoto.AI. Whether you're a celebrity, influencer, developer, or individual user, our platform has been designed to make your onboarding experience seamless and straightforward.

Step 1: Signup or Login to Kamoto.AI

Start by visiting Kamoto.AI. Sign up to the platform if you are a new user. After successful sign up, you will be redirected to the onboarding process. Click here if you want to learn about the signing up or login process.

Step 2: Onboarding Information

Upon successful signup, you'll be directed to the onboarding page. Here, you'll be asked to provide some key information:

  • AI Personality Name: Here, you need to enter the name of the AI Personality you are creating.

  • Pricing Plan Selection: By default, users will be onboarded on the Basic Free plan. However, if you wish to avail of more features, you can change your plan here.

  • Industry of this AI Personality: Specify the industry this AI personality belongs to, such as Entertainment, Business, Medical, etc.

  • How did you hear about Kamoto.AI?: This helps us understand how our users are finding us. Examples include Social Media, News, Friends & Family, WhatsApp Group, Telegram Group, etc.

  • Your Country?: Select the country you're residing in. This is necessary for billing purposes.

  • Your State?: Enter the state you're residing in from the country selected above. This information is also used for billing.

Step 3: Describing Your AI Personality

On the second page of the onboarding process, you'll be asked to provide a basic description of your AI personality. This description is necessary to create the personality. However, please note that there are more than 20 fields to fine-tune the AI personality later in the dashboard.

Ownership of the AI Personality

It's essential to note that the user who creates the AI personality will be considered the owner of this AI personality. As the owner, you'll have control over the AI personality's customization, usage, and monetization.


And that's it! You've successfully onboarded onto Kamoto.AI. Now, you're all set to create, train, and share your AI personality with the world. From here, you can fine-tune your AI personality, integrate it into your applications, or even start earning from it. Welcome to Kamoto.AI, where we're creating a new digital universe where everyone can interact, innovate, and earn.

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